It's your Hop into Scouting!

Our aim is to provide a safe, fun, learning environment for young boys and girls, from 6 to 7 1/2 years old, and to be the very first link in a path to adventure and fulfillment through Scouting.

A trained Joey Scout Leader guides a Joey Scout Mob of up to 20 boys and girls as they learn to share and care for each other in a social environment. Scouting extends each child's understanding of the world around them, by actively encouraging the Joey Scouts' involvement with that world. Joey Scouts experience the world around themselves, by doing, rather than just being taught. They develop an understanding of the impact of our modern world, and themselves, on the environment.

Joey Scouts are encouraged to express themselves creatively, through games, stories and craft activities. Building monsters and spaceships from scrap items, growing plants from seedlings or singing songs together all develop a strong sense of belonging.

Joey Scouts are taught to jump in and help other people and to share with their friends. They enjoy visits to special places such as the local fire station or the zoo and visitors to their meetings create more excitement.

Joey Scouts meet once a week on Wednesday evenings from 6.00pm. It is a requirement of Joeys that we also have a rostered parent at the hall each week.

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Do Your Best!

Cubs is for boys and girls aged between 8-10 years. They meet once a week on Wednesdays from 7pm as well as going on weekend activities. See below for some of the cool activities that Cubs get up to.

The Cub Scout program is specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of the 8, 9, & 10 year old child. Mandy and David provide opportunities for children to develop

  • Standards against which they can measure themselves
  • Growth in self discipline and respect
  • Sense of achievement
  • Leadership skills
  • Sense of fair play and justice
  • Making the right choices and decisions
  • Ability to meet challenges
  • Learning by doing

Cub Scout actvities are planned to cover a broad range of interests and topics to trigger their immagination and curiosity, and to meet their developmental needs. Such as

  • Going on weekend camps with their friends in Cub Scouts
  • Learning new and interesting things
  • Sharing in exciting adventures every week
  • Visiting and exploring new and interesting places
  • Helping their community and family
  • Making long lasting friends

Cub Scouts wear a uniform on which they proudly display the badges they have been awarded for their achievements.

The Grey Wolf is the highest award that a 10 year old Cub Scout can earn. Cub Scouts who gain this award have demonstrated a high degree of initiative, commitment and community awareness.

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A Scout is courageous

Through our activities youth members between the ages of 10½ to 15 years are able to learn skills and values in a safe, fun and youth driven environment.

Our Scouts meet on a Friday night from 7.30pm but are also often out of the hall on camps or Hikes.

Scouting is an organisation which wholeheartedly embraces adventure and fulfilment through Scouting activities. Our aim is to provide a safe, fun, learning environment for adolescents, both male and female, and to be a link in a path of adventure and fulfilment through Scouting.

The Scout section is based on the Patrol system where the members of the Patrol monitor and administer the award scheme. The award scheme is designed to enhance life skills as well as outdoor adventure skills.

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Are You Ready For NEW Adventure? Look Wide!

Venturers are young people aged between 14 and 18 years old, dedicated to fun and adventure, whilst serving the community in the Scouting way. Through a wide variety of opportunities you will experience fun, fellowship and personal growth.

Venturers do the most amazing things. They go places and do things that other young people only dream about. You will find Venturers

  • Travelling internationally
  • Camping above the snow line
  • Exploring underwater reefs
  • Riding the wind in a land yacht
  • Earning their pilot's licence
  • Abseiling down a cliff
  • Caving

Did you know that if you receive your Kings Scout Award in Venturers you may be able to enter University with a reduced ATAR.

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People can join Rovers when they are between 17 and 25 years old. Usually they are looking to get involved in the outdoors, making friends for life as well as service to the community and Scouting. Typically Rovers enjoy helping others, having a great time and taking on new challenges. Did we mention fun yet?

Many Rovers have been in Scouting before, this is not a pre-requisite, you do not have to have years of experience in Scouting to fit in, know how to tie knots or put up a tent! You do need to have a "give it a go" attitude and want to be involved with people your own age, be part of the wider community, and have some serious fun along the way.

You can find out more about our rovers here Bulleen Rover Crew

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